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The people, the environment, and a healthy business are the core values ​​of Zwingrow.

Care for the environment is partly emerged from the use of biological crop protection, the use of an environmentally sustainable growing medium, separate disposal of all waste materials for recycling and participation in OCAP where CO2 waste from europoort is used as foliar feed.From 2012 Zwin Grow makes use of geothermal energy for heating the glasshouse green label. In order to promote geothermal energy in the Netherlands Zwin Grow member of the Platform geothermal where knowledge is exchanged and a lot is invested in research and development of geothermal energy. Zwingrow is also affiliated with the DAGO (Dutch Association Geothermal Operators), all owners of individual Dutch geothermal installations are involved.

In Zwingrow are fulltime, part-time employees, students, self-employed professionals and Temporary employees working. In addition, a long-term employment relationship and a good working atmosphere is important. With the wishes of the employees with respect to desired labor and working times as much as possible into account. If desired, employees can participate in external training courses. Internally organized several courses including courses Dutch for temporary workers and biological crop protection for all employees.

Zwingrow wants to be involved in the society. Honest and open business with suppliers and customers is imporant for Zwingrow. The company has opened greenhouse for "Kom in de kas". Also they support various associations and charities.





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