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Zwingrow is concerned about the health of its employees and consumers and about the safety and livability of the environment.

Therefore, there is a green label glasshouse realized on the newest location at the Poeldijksepad. A green label glasshouse meets the requirements which the government sets a glasshouse environment and the facilities necessary for the growing, as an environmentally friendly plumbing installation and environmentally friendly heating system.

From its founding Zwingrow works with integrated biological crop protection.To prevent damage to the fruits and the plant and biological crop protection to be successful, it is of utmost importance that pests and diseases quickly recognized

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During their activities in the glass houses workers of Zwingrow use portable data terminals to collect data about their activities. They use the devices also for entering data about growt anomalies, deseases and unwanted insects if recognized by them. The data collected in the portable devices are transmitted automatically to a central computer. As a result, a view on the current situation of activities and crop status can be achieved at any time, so that proper action can be taken if appropriate.






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