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 Efficient dealing with energy


By investing in new technologies Zwingrow succeeded in reducing the use of energy drastically.

To increase sustainability Zwingrow started a project for extraction of geothermal energy

From June 2012 Zwingrow realized this and runs with full satisfaction on sustainable geothermal.

More information about this geothermal project you can find on the website Green Well Westland.


At all locations of Zwingrow use a CHP-system (Combined Heat and Power). A CHP plant supplies after combustion of gas, electricity as well as heat and CO2 required for the growth of the plants.By making use of heat buffers, the heat can be used at the right time, and the CO2 during the day.
The electricity is returned to the grid. Gas used by CHP plants is much more efficiently than in a power plant.
The cooling water from the CHP are wholly used for heating the greenhouse and not like in power plants destroyed.

Zwingrow has the objective to minimize energy use per unit of product.
In the winter period we are working with a double energy screen.  

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