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Harvest of Health orange bell peppers

As from 2014 Zwingrow only grows these new, very healthy and tasty bell peppers.

The peppers contains three times as much selenium as a normal orange bell peppers. Selenium protects your DNA, further ensures proper functioning of the thyroid gland and care of the normal immune system.

The bell peppers of Harvest of Health offer a tasty byte.
As by nature they contain extra bètacarotene and luteïne.These are important antioxidants which help
our body to conquer and to remove free radicals.Amongst others luteïne is present in our eyes, where it
protects against free radicals and glaring sun light, which is necessary for a long lasting optimal eye sight.
In addition, the anti-oxidants help to enhance the immune system and thus to stay healthy and fit.

The Harvest of Health label has not been applied for no reason to those fantasic bell peppers.
See the website of Harvest of Health:

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