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As a result of its striving for realizing a highest possible quality of the bell peppers, in 1996 Zwingrow started with registering responsibilities, procedures, instructions, environmental care and provisions. Practice has showed that by doing so, processes can be streamlined better and improvements can be implemented sooner. This has resulted in an extensive quality system.

Zwingrow supplied a large part of its production through FresQ FrEsteem to Tesco, which is one of the market leaders in the UK. Tesco demand a safe and reliable product from its suppliers. Due to extensive requirements in 2011 Zwingrow granted the Tesco Nurture certificate.

Following retailors in the UK, retailors and their suppliers have set up a quality system schedule for the other European retailors also. This system is called GlobalGap . By satisfying the demands of European supermarkets, Zwingrow has achieved the GlobalGap certificate.








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